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1500 S 1st St Milwaukee, WI
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1500 S 1st St Milwaukee, WI

February 14, 2018

Notice of Lien Sale This notice is hereby given on 03/08/18 @ 08:00am or after there will be a sale held for the purpose to satisfy A Landlords Lien on the contents for a Storage room in the names of. 750014 GUSTAVO ESPINO 4230 FURNITURE 750014 THOMAS RYAN 4191 BOXES, AND FURNITURE 750014 KIONNA CORNELIUS 4004 STOVE 750014 WILLIAM FRAZIER 4088 BOXES, TOTES, BAGS AND BASKETS 750014 JOSH QUINONES 3040 FURNITURE AND MISC ITEMS 750014 REBECCA BENITEZ 3122 BIKES, FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, TOTES, BOXES 750014 ELIJAH JOHNSON 3002 FURNITURE, BOXES AND TOTES 750014 LEANDRO RODRIQUEZ 2264 BAGS, LOOSE AND UNSEEN ITEMS 750014 ARTURO ESCAMILLA 2287 FULL, FURNITURE TOTES , MISC AND BOXES 750014 SUZANNE SINGH 2255 TOTES AND BOXES AND UNSEEN ITEMS 750014 SUZANNE SINGH 2052 BAGS, AND MISC ITEMS 750014 WAYNE MUSTACHE 2221 MATTRESSES, BAGS TOTES AND MISC 750014 JUAN CRUZ 1124 FURNITURE, TV, FUTON, BAGS, BOXES AND MATTRESS 750014 ROBERT LOZANO LOPEZ 102 TOOL BOX CHILD'S CAR SEAT AND MISC ITEMS 750014 ALEXIA LOPEZ 223 BOXES, ELECTRONICS AND FURNITURE 750014 SHAQUANNA JOHNSON 327 BACK PACK, BAGS AND MISC ITEMS 750014 AMY KOEBEL 916 FULL, FURNITURE, BAGS AND MISC ITEMS 750014 PEARL JOHNSON 927 BOXES, BAGS AND MISC ITEMS 750014 DEVON JONES 973 SMALL TAMPOLINE, KIDS ITEMS, BAG AND MISC 750014 JOSE PABON VEGA 972 METAL BUNK BED FRAME 750014 ZACHARY ALLEN 952 TIRES, BAGS, BOXES AND UNSEEN ITEMS 750014 GHOST UNIT 3129 FULL ELECTRONICS, EXERCISE EQIP, LADDER, TOTES AND SKIS 750014 TIFFANY TISCHER 421 SM MOTOR SCOOTER AND TOOLS 750014 MELINDA MILEWSKI 2118 FURNITURE, MATTRESS, TOTES, BOXES, KIDS TOYS AND SAFE Location U-Haul Center 1500 S. 1st St, Milwaukee, WI. 414-383-7735 Unit sold as a lot with no warranties implied. Units may contain other miscellaneous items not listed. Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer: Brook Snyder #2623-052. Cash or Credit Card accepted as payment. $5 registration fee. 11494630/2-14-21

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